Development and production of hydropneumatic suspensions for trucks, trailers and buses

  HYDROSTAR, located in the heart of the Russian automotive industry, Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan. 

  Some of the best truck KAMAZ are produced here - multiple winner of the Dakar and Silk way rallye.

  We have developed and supply a hydropneumatic suspension for these trucks.









Hydrosuspension produced by HYDROSTAR is universal, can perform many useful fuctions and consists of the following elements:

- hydraulic cylinders that perceive the weight of the car and the roughness of the roadway;

- hydropneumatic accumulators which are elastic elements (springs);

- hydraulic dampers (shock absorbers) integrated into the cylinder or accumulator.

- hydraulic units (manifolds) responsible for the implementation of the functionality, for example, changing the clearance or horizontal;

- hydraulic drive (pump and control unit);

- connecting tubes and elements,

- electronic position sensors of the body;

- electronic control unit.

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For more details please write to,

Head project manager Ruslan Galeev